Trying new things & the countdown begins!

Usually when I travel I tend to go the solo route. Many of my trips are liberating experiences, to say the least. Also, being able to do things MY way and not wait on others to catch up is a plus. But, I supppooooossseee we all must try new things in life, so I have recently decided to travel with a large group of total strangers! That’s right, my next adventure will be with a tour group and we will travel together through London, Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, and Paris. I’m excited to explore more of London and Paris and see things that I may have missed back in December. I would actually prefer to take the back roads and spend time as a “local” instead of a tourist. I think I can pull it off!…. What I’m most excited about? Venice! I spent some time in Venice about 7 years ago and absolutely loved it (the food in particular!). Specifically, when I had THE best gnocchi at this little restaurant whose name, sadly, I cannot remember. BUT I am determined to find this restaurant again! Amsterdam and Munich will be two new experiences for me and I can’t wait to explore and immerse myself in all good things! I only have a few weeks til I whisk myself away so count down with me and stay tuned for some amazing stories!

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