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So social media… huh? What is that??? Most of you are probably pros at tweeting, following, liking… tagging… whatever you social media gurus call it! Me? Ehh, I think I am somewhere stuck in the stone ages or maybe I just fit right in with the Amish. This is coming from someone who is still adjusting to not having any real buttons on my cell phone! So, as I learn the ins and outs of this new-to-me blogging world, I discover how important all these sites really are (maybe?). So join me, add me, friend me, follow me whatever you wish (but don’t, like, really follow me around or anything, that would be creepy)! I’m getting more and more excited about my trip to London now since I will be updating you guys all the time!


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  1. Hi Nadine, i am Julie”s Aunt Lorraine.. We drove together to her party. Seems like your having a good time. Have fun and stay safe! Oh, I hope you remember me. LOL

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