Reading the fine print

We have all had the nuisance of reading those lengthy fine print pages. Most of us usually just skim through them and just sign the damn thing. No I won’t sue if I’m injured and no I won’t sue if I die …umm I’ll be dead! Nothing can be done! But recently I may have overlooked the “fine print.” Luckily for me it worked in my favor and was a pleasant surprise! As you all know, I will be traveling to Europe in less than two weeks and just received my official itinerary in the mail. I now finally know where I’ll be staying, the sites I’ll see and so much more. As I looked through each of my travel days I read something that I probably missed or overlooked when I originally booked this trip. My previous five city European tour will now be a seven city European tour! Well it was always a seven city tour, but for me it’s new! Besides London, Amsterdam, Munich, Venice and Paris, I can now excitedly add Lucerne and St. Goar to the list. I can’t wait to share even more stories with you now!

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