Less than six months ago I spent some time in Paris and the one thing I have to say is I am soooo glad I went back! What a difference it makes visiting during the winter season compared to the most recent experience I had. Clear skies, warm sun, not having to bundle up in multiple layers! It was a whole new experience for me and I’m glad I was able to meet my Parisians all over again!

Now I won’t bore you with what sights to see…you can check my other post Bangin’ Em Out or the end of this post for links. I will mention a few things I did not get the chance to do last time…

On any summer day you can stroll the entire tourist route via Av. des Champs-Elysees and catch most of the must sees or be close enough to other routes where you can wander off and explore other avenues. If you’re lucky you can stroll through their farmer’s market and indulge in decadent sweets, baguettes & fromage all for free! If you catch the right vendor 😉

My one not so nice comment that some may rip me a new one for….Moulin Rouge. I was honestly not impressed. The food was bland just like the performance. Outdated skits and musical performances that had me in a 90s time warp left me thinking I was in the wrong theater. I was expected a real Parisian burlesque show, but that was a no go.

Definitely visit the Fragonard Perfume Museum where you can learn about the history of well…perfume duh! A short and sweet tour left me well informed and with a new found respect for perfumers- making a six figure salary, only allowed to work a few hours a week and making the world smell better…hmm I need to rethink my career options!

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Other must sees:


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