Learning Curve

This post is long overdue! If you have been keeping up with my blog (which you all should be doing!) then you know of my recent travels to London. Now to recap just a bit… this trip was suppose to be my dry run into the blogging world. I have to say that the trip was a lot more than I expected and I was a bit overwhelmed, but learned some good do’s and don’ts for my future travels.

I should preface this by saying that, as a traveler, I’m the type that will NEVER go around taking millions of pictures of what I’m eating, doing, seeing, etc. Pretty odd for new travel blogger right?? Well I’m learning people! I now know to definitely take as many pictures as possible. As I have come to understand, the whole point of blogging is to share what I can with you guys, so I need to do my part, duh! I just worry I won’t enjoy and experience everything to it’s full potential if I’m so busy pointing and clicking away. How do my new fellow travel bloggers do it? Maybe they have some minion secretly helping them. Yes! That would work for me. I point, they click, and poof! Amazing photos!

Oh and the most important part… blogging! I did NOT write a thing while I was away. Bad, right? Yep no long nights attached to my laptop in my hotel room, but again what seems better… stuck in my room typing away or strolling the streets of London? However, with that said if I had blogged whiled I traveled I wouldn’t be sitting here attempting to summarize my trip and worrying that I’m forgetting the most important parts. Oh well. I think I have a better plan for next time: maybe taking notes to use later or finding SOME time to blog while I’m traveling and gradually finding that balance between enjoying MY travels how I like to and keeping YOU guys in mind as well!

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