Italy: Venice

When I heard I would be spending a few days in Venice, I immediately reminisced to several years ago when I first traveled to Italy. Of course, at first I remembered the awful freezing cold winter I spent there, but I was elated to now have the warm summer weather this second time around. Since I have already seen the popular sites in Venice before, on my agenda was only two things: to see Louis Vuitton’s Espace art installation and to find the best gnocchi I had during my first visit.11330661_866400613397727_874002802_n

Finding Louis Vuitton’s Espace was a lot easier than the gnocchi. Up on the very top floor is where you will find the Tilo Schulz& Francesco Hayez installation where they combine the old with the new: several restored lunettes surround two modern rotating discs. Since most of the action is happening on the lower floors where many are purchasing their luxurious leather goods and accessories, I’m given an extended tour by the curator and some freebies. Not a bad deal huh?

After walking through the endless canals, narrow streets and alleyways, I worked up quite an appetite. This is where my gnocchi search begins! The last time I was in Venice I had what I still consider to this day the very best gnocchi quattro formaggio. These soft dumplings smothered in hot, salty melted cheese was my mission to find, but after hours and I mean literally hours of trying to find this nameless restaurant, I came up short and had to go elsewhere. Big disappointment to not find what I craved, but being in Italy there can never be a bad choice when having a meal.

I continue my day and pick up a few Venetian treats before I make my way to a gondola ride. If you don’t do anything else other than walk around the streets of Venezia, the only other thing to do is take a traditional gondola ride. They’re not too pricey and you get to see most of the waterways that you probably missed and if you’re lucky a serenade. 11417299_1420032611655828_1909177543_nMust sees:

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