Germany: Sankt Goar

When I heard I would be going to Germany, I have to admit I didn’t know much other than the Germans love their beer. I’m not a beer fan so needless to say I wasn’t jumping for joy, but I was ok with exploring a new place. And of course like all assumptions, I made an ass out of myself, but in a good way. I was pleasantly surprised with my visit to Germany, in fact I plan to go again soon!

After driving through twists and turns of endless green pastures I end up in Sankt Goar, a small quaint town smack dab in the middle of Rhine Valley. When I say quaint I mean practically a ghost town. Nothing was opened and by nothing I mean maybe 3 shops owned by the same family. Home of the Birkenstocks, coo coo clocks and beer steins. I was surprised to find my accommodations had WiFi and get this…a vegetarian option for dinner! What?!?!? Now I didn’t expect for it to be any good when they decided to put their own spin on a vegetarian schnitzel…come on! But I’ll give the Germans an A for effort.

Ending (starting?) the evening on a tipsy note at a private wine tasting in a cellar that I swear could have been used as a set for the movie Hostel. Come to find out this place was a few hundred years old AND not even offered to the public for wine about vip treatment Germany! I indulged in local cheeses while trying a few of their wines, primarily Riesling which takes up about 75% of their region. These people take their wines seriously, absolutely no chemicals or fertilizers used when harvesting their grapes! I was topped off with their delicious eiswein aka icewine aka super duper sweet wine that only a small quantity is harvested each year. Now how I actually made it back down cobblestone pathways and into bed is beyond me, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out more about Germany! Stay tuned for my next post on Munich!

Must sees (well the only 3 shops):

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