Germany: Munich

After my small town night in Sankt Goar, I was looking forward to a big city like Munich and seeing what it has to offer. With limited time I quickly hoped on a bicycle from Mike’s Bike Tours. As cheesy and touristy as it may sound, this private bike tour was surprisingly fun! Word to the wise…do NOT go on a bike tour if you do not know how to bike! Common sense right? You would be surprised! I was lucky enough to have a great guide named Tony, who had the patience of a saint because not only were there delays, but several falls off the bike and getting lost 6,487,897 times! I would have left everyone behind if it were up to me, but I guess that’s why I’m not a tour guide.

My ride starts in Marienplatz which you can imagine is what Times Square is to New York. Within minutes we were weaving in and out through cars, people and other cyclists. Tony’s comedic relief when showing us all the historic sites was the best. I mean who wants a guide to go on and on about old buildings and statues? Back on the bike I soon find myself in Munich’s English Garden aka Central Park, home to almost 50 miles of riding paths. Also home to the traditional German Beer Gardens where we took a pit stop under the Chinese Tower and ate some authentic German pretzels that are served with some putrid-looking cheese spread, but damn good. Last stop was unexpected as it was not the itinerary, but a cool surprise. German surfers! Huh??? What???  Near the Haus der Kuns with no beach in site for at least a couple hundred miles, I learned what many call river surfing. A man-made river has allowed locals to surf since 1972 instead of making the long trek to a beach.

Although this was a very short trip, I definitely have plans to make it  back to Munich and10727729_853023301440404_1226695390_n explore a lot more!

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