Flying with non flyers

How does one fly with a non flyer? I’ve been asking myself this question lately.

I have a business trip in South Carolina coming up soon and my colleague Sue (she said I could call her out!), who will be joining me, is terrified of flying. And no, not some mild anxiety that a little calming mantra will do. This is some serious shit and I have absolutely no idea how to handle it. She has even given worse case scenarios and I mean really worse case: attempting to write her farewell letters in case we crash! Morbid, graphic much??? I’ve googled tips about how to help these NF’s but how will I really know what will work? A tranquilizer maybe? HELP! I am hoping it goes well and we are able to enjoy South Carolina because our schedule is fully booked from morning to night. I will keep you guys posted on this new adventure because flying with someone who is terrified of flying is completely foreign to me. Suck it, Sue (though I may be the one screwed if she can’t keep it together)!

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