Flying Solo

Passport? Check.

Cash? Check.

Chargers/converters? Check.

My journey starts on a late evening flight from New York to London courtesy of Virgin Atlantic. Yes, I am name dropping. I must give credit when it should be given, and I have to say Virgin is on my top 5 airline list. They’re cool people and for the most part seem to actually enjoy their job. They were very helpful AND patient with my numerous last minute flight changes and then-some. Never had any complaints when flying with them and this particular flight was quite interesting. I often fly alone and I usually catch up on all my movies, but there were no movies this time. No napping either because I had the “honor” of sitting next to “Uncle Sam” (and no, that’s not a pseudonym). I was told that actually was his “name.”

My new in-flight buddy who was beyond heavily intoxicated and was a lewd chatterbox (that’s putting it lightly). Think: Sasha Baron Cohen in The Dictator. Most might cringe at the thought of having to sit next to someone like this — similar to a crying baby? But I think not! So instead of dreading the next few hours ahead of me, I decided to just go with it. And the end result? Oh nothing! Just being called an asshole 1,354,234 times, being schooled on what to do if the plane crashes, having to politely decline a marriage proposal, and being asked my zip code because he was an investigator and was going to find me (I kid you not! but with my zip code only???). He even told me that he has a “family fiancée” (still trying to figure out what that is) and I must be his best man. E-hem. Perhaps a maid of honor… but… best man?? Oh! And this was before the plane even took off! I have to say that I found myself laughing for the entire flight! My point? Enjoy every minute during your travels (and life in general, but that’s getting too deep). Whether you choose to travel solo or with friends, you will definitely meet new people, see new things, and enjoy “interesting” experiences. Thanks, “Uncle Sam”… and for everyone else, laugh on!

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