My Contiki

My who??? My most recent European Tour was with Contiki- a travel company that started in 1962 specifically catering to adventure seekers between the ages of 18-35. At first, I was hesitant because why on earth would I want to travel with a bunch of strangers?!?! On the other hand, we all must try new […]

Reading the fine print

We have all had the nuisance of reading those lengthy fine print pages. Most of us usually just skim through them and just sign the damn thing. No I won’t sue if I’m injured and no I won’t sue if I die …umm I’ll be dead! Nothing can be done! But recently I may have […]

Trying new things & the countdown begins!

Usually when I travel I tend to go the solo route. Many of my trips are liberating experiences, to say the least. Also, being able to do things MY way and not wait on others to catch up is a plus. But, I supppooooossseee we all must try new things in life, so I have recently […]

Flying with non flyers

How does one fly with a non flyer? I’ve been asking myself this question lately. I have a business trip in South Carolina coming up soon and my colleague Sue (she said I could call her out!), who will be joining me, is terrified of flying. And no, not some mild anxiety that a little […]

A bed, some breakfast, and lots of snow…

With this not-so-amazing New York winter weather, I recently decided to plan a weekend getaway. Long sandy beaches, warm sunsets, palm trees… yea that would have been fun, but instead I decided to challenge the NYC weather. I headed straight to Vermont because the -12 degree weather just wasn’t enough. Suck it NYC! So I […]

Flying Solo

Passport? Check. Cash? Check. Chargers/converters? Check. My journey starts on a late evening flight from New York to London courtesy of Virgin Atlantic. Yes, I am name dropping. I must give credit when it should be given, and I have to say Virgin is on my top 5 airline list. They’re cool people and for the […]

Learning Curve

This post is long overdue! If you have been keeping up with my blog (which you all should be doing!) then you know of my recent travels to London. Now to recap just a bit… this trip was suppose to be my dry run into the blogging world. I have to say that the trip was a […]

Bloggers Blog?

So I’m still trying to figure out how often bloggers blog. Every day? Every week? Every month? Given the fact this is a travel blog, I feel the need to blog, well… when I travel, of course! Noooo… that doesn’t add any pressure to feel that I constantly have to be en route to some […]

Social Media

So social media… huh? What is that??? Most of you are probably pros at tweeting, following, liking… tagging… whatever you social media gurus call it! Me? Ehh, I think I am somewhere stuck in the stone ages or maybe I just fit right in with the Amish. This is coming from someone who is still adjusting to […]

Next up: London

My first official post! I slightly regret not having started this travel blog a few years ago. I would have then been able to share so much more right now. But we all have to start somewhere right? My next adventure will take me to London! This will be my first time in the UK. […]