Bloggers Blog?

So I’m still trying to figure out how often bloggers blog. Every day? Every week? Every month? Given the fact this is a travel blog, I feel the need to blog, well… when I travel, of course! Noooo… that doesn’t add any pressure to feel that I constantly have to be en route to some wonderful land of fun new experiences, I already feel that all the time. I guess not pressure… but desire?

In any case, with London less than two weeks away I actually have something planned and confirmed! Yep, you heard right people! Nadine is finally making progress. It’s a packed itinerary and I’m not sure how many normal people end up squeezing in two countries and five cities in two days, but I guess the New Yorker in me is just accustomed to occupying every minute of my day doing something different. I kick the trip off in the UK, and plan to peruse my way through London, Windsor, Bath and Stonehedge. Then I make a quick stop in France to see how people really get down in Paris! As for all the other days I’ll be in London? I guess I can indulge in some other activities… hmmm… mind out of the gutter people! That is STILL to be determined, that’s all! FUN! Ideas welcome!

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