Bangin’ em out: Part One

I often get asked how I manage to do so much in such little time. My response? I’m a New Yorker, and that’s just what New Yorkers do! The real answer? Sleep deprivation.

Of course I’d love to sleep in and actually have a relaxing vacation, but then again why bother spending the money on the flights, hotels, and activities to just sleep? I can do that at home for free. So, I wake up bright and early and off I go for my second attempt (technically fourth, but who’s counting) at finding this London Eye. And guess what? I found it! Word to the wise….order your tickets online so you don’t get stuck waiting in a line that never ends to purchase your ticket then wait in another line to get to the line to actually get into your capsule on the Eye ( The view is well worth it. And I was even able to plan surprise romantic dinners (that someone would do for me) and

Check out my new man, Ben! A "fun" fact: us foreigners can't tour him, but check for info.

Check out my new man, Ben! A “fun” fact: us foreigners can’t tour him, but check for info.

perfect proposals (I’m waiting, Uncle Sam!) on the London Eye since the ride is 30 minutes, and at some 400ft in the air, how does a girl not dream?

After the Eye, I make my way towards Ben. Big Ben, that is, and he sure is big! I make sure to keep an eye out for the gambling scammers on Westminster Bridge. You can’t miss them. You’ll pass by at least 20 of these 3 cup / 1 ball games that lure naive tourists to throw down 40£ a game. Losers! With minutes to spare I rush off to meet some new friends that will be touring a few cities in the UK. A couple of hours later we arrive in Windsor. I already have a royal flair to my walk as I step into this massive castle. Windsor Castle is gorgeous but how many pics can I take and how would they be different than the millions already taken? I know, I know. I’ll work on it. After about an hour of twists and turns and learning about kings and queens of old, I make my way to the real important stuff. Food!

I settle into a little cafe to warm up with some chai latte and a hot pot. Apparently, the UK makes these potpie-ish dishes that are addicting! I then start to load up on sweets at Hardy’s before it’s time to head to Stonehenge. Now there’s several stories on how these standing stones got there.

Honestly, I don’t really care for a history lesson so I speed walk to the actual stones to see the hype. To my disappointment the stones are roped off so no climbing on top for a pic. But to my pleasure, Stonehenge has some delicious hot cocoa topped with mounds of whip and chocolate bark, not forgetting their honey mulled wine that will tickle your fancy and might make your stay there a bit longer than intended (no comment on the number of drinks I ended up having myself).


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