Bangin’ Em Out: Part Deux

After Stone Henge, I hopped on a train and went to Bath. Warning: There was no bath time at Bath! I honestly thought this roman bath was still up and running (I would have showered before I headed out if I knew! j/k, that’s gross.), but they offer pretty interesting tunnel tours that take you behind the scenes. Now if you are roaming through Bath at night there are a ton of small roads and alley ways filled with yummy crepe shops, fudgeries, and so much more. I recommend it (no comment on the number of crepes I had, and fudge that I consumed).

Next, I take a 2 hr train ride on Eurostar and catch a couple winks, waking up in Paris. Bonjour! I quickly realize how grateful I am to visit the Eiffel Tower with a tour group when I see the hundreds of people in a line we got to skip. Suckers! We’re escorted in a VIP manner to the observation deck and cut out what I’m told would have been around an hour wait.

 Long lines? I think not! Details...

Long lines? I think not! Details…

By sunset I had also gotten to see the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame, Roue de Paris and ended with a cruise along the Seine River. I could have easily spent more time at each of these places, and if you have the time, I would absolutely say to do it. But my vacation time being limited as it is, I made the most of my time. Before I head to Gare du Nord for my ride back to London I remember to stock up on as many baguettes, fromage, and macaroons as my euros can get me!

Back in London I roam the holiday lit streets of Oxford and Piccadilly and eventually head west towards Harrods where I almost went broke. Note to self: Next time I come to London, plan for Harrod’s spending. You can spend the entire day in there (and it’s possible I did). My bank account now hates me.

I end my night at Beirut Nights. Nope no detour to Lebanon, just dinner at London’s best Lebanese restaurant that claims to have the best shisha as well. I guess I will agree since, well, it’s the only one in London I tried. The icing on the cake was New Year’s eve. I was lucky enough to have a pretty decent view of the fireworks courtesy of my hotel rooftop. No need for large crowds of people in a club or throughout the streets. Just had to hop on the elevator 3 floors up. As we all bring in the new year I pause to think how grateful I am to have the opportunities to travel and explore and vow to always spend New Year’s Eve in a new place. Why not bring in the New Year in a NEW place? Next time, perhaps, with more pictures.

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