A bed, some breakfast, and lots of snow…

With this not-so-amazing New York winter weather, I recently decided to plan a weekend getaway. Long sandy beaches, warm sunsets, palm trees… yea that would have been fun, but instead I decided to challenge the NYC weather. I headed straight to Vermont because the -12 degree weather just wasn’t enough. Suck it NYC!

So I packed my bag and off I went with three awesome gal pals in tow. Oh, but wait! Did I fail to mention getting to and from Vermont would be the biggest challenge? I left home with a strict itinerary in mind and I quickly realized I was outnumbered 3 against 1. There was no convincing anyone to do things my way. Even though my way IS the right way! So our drive started TWO HOURS behind schedule! Now this is something I will just never ever understand. Why is it so hard for people to be on time?!?!?! So with my blood pressure already rising and anxiety reaching a new high I tried to tell myself that “everything will be ok!”

Some four hours later we arrive at what will be our new home for the next 3 days. Nope… not some swanky hotel… a bed and breakfast. Yes, you heard right a B&B. NOT what Nadine is use to (insert scared shitless emoji here). When I hear B&B, I either think of The King of Queens episode where Doug & Carrie end up in a cat-filled home where the owners defrost their food in a tub or some crazy psycho killer movie (ummmm Hostel, Vacancy, Psycho…should I keep going???). So we finally enter this B&B and I am bombarded with photos, statues, pillows and oh-so-many more things… all of dogs. Cute labrador decorations everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE. Honestly, it was a bit creepy. Ok reallllly creepy. But I love animals so I tried to keep an open mind because this place actually had real dogs roaming free, so that was something. My first B&B and my first pet friendly B&B. A lot of firsts for me in a matter of seconds.

Next morning, I am up and ready to hit the slopes! After my gal pals sluggish sluggies wake up! We soon enjoy hours of snowy mountains, toasting marshmallows by a fire pit, man-made ice castles and loads more. I mentioned getting to and from Vermont was a challenge right? After attempting to make our way back down Stratton mountain to our doggy B&B, we’re hit with a massive snowstorm that shuts down everything including our car. With no way down, we ending up “hailing a cab” (I wish)! No yellows cabs in VT, no Uber, no nothing. Where am I??

We end up waiting over an hour for some random snow plower to drive us back. I kid you not. We even ended up plowing a driveway, too, on the way home. Back at the B&B we were officially snowed in and enjoyed some good old fashion board games. The owner was even nice enough to pick us up some pizza for dinner since that was pretty much our only option (No room service??? WTF!). I do love a man that can bring me food in dangerous weather conditions, though, sooooo I guess this B&B isn’t too bad. I still say that with a bit of hesitation, but realized this place wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. No crazy psycho killers (I think) just a warm and fuzzy place to temporarily call home. Now would I go to another B&B? Probably not. Just not my style, but I am glad I went.


Tip: Stratton Mountain is not overly crowded with wannabe skiiers and boarders. I really only saw legit pros there. We were the only ones that arrived without our own gear so that says enough. http://www.stratton.com/

And our lovely B&B…Bromley View Inn Bed & Breakfast. They actually book very quickly since space is limited. Make sure to request at breakfast their yummy Jack Daniel’s french toast. http://www.bromleyviewinn.com/

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