Southern Hospitality

South Carolina has come and gone and although my schedule was booked every hour with work related seminars, conferences and events I was able to squeeze in a little bit of me time. But the big question is how did Sue handle the flight??? Well she seemed to be taking it pretty well throughout the […]

Flying with non flyers

How does one fly with a non flyer? I’ve been asking myself this question lately. I have a business trip in South Carolina coming up soon and my colleague Sue (she said I could call her out!), who will be joining me, is terrified of flying. And no, not some mild anxiety that a little […]

A bed, some breakfast, and lots of snow…

With this not-so-amazing New York winter weather, I recently decided to plan a weekend getaway. Long sandy beaches, warm sunsets, palm trees… yea that would have been fun, but instead I decided to challenge the NYC weather. I headed straight to Vermont because the -12 degree weather just wasn’t enough. Suck it NYC! So I […]