Prior to arriving in Amsterdam I had preconceived notions of what to expect. Of course, I assumed I would be swarmed with sex, drugs, debauchery and who knows what else. All that is true to some extent but, Amsterdam has so much more to offer.

I begin on a gloomy wet day (not a great start) and make my way through the small narrow roads. Watch where you walk because cyclists always have the right of way here- no joke! I hop aboard a small boat to cruise around Amsterdam’s 100+ kilometers of canal waterways. With the captain’s help, I strategically plan the next 24 hours in Amsterdam, but not before I make my way to the infamous Red Light District. First off, it’s not that red! I honestly thought I would be blinded by red lights. I curiously make my way towards the lit up alleyways where ladies are lined up behind glass doors to offer whatever services you can imagine. I smile and wave like a silly kid at the attractive faces behind the glass doors while the men excitedly ooh and ahh. Next on my agenda is The Cassa Rosso Sex Show where you are suppose to be amazed by the sex acts presented on stage. I have to say I was disappointed and not impressed at all. Umm this is one of the very few places where watching live sex on stage is legal. I wanted to see some crazy shit! But the crowd seemed to enjoy the show just as much as the men and women on stage did (enter sarcasm here). Maybe it’s just me, but there wasn’t anything to rant and rave about. Unless you’re a major prude, we’ve all seen or done the same shit ourselves. Save your money and just go to a peep show if you must. Which I suggest regardless since, well, you are in Amsterdam!

Looking for some coffee? There is a difference between a coffee shop and a cafe, in Amsterdam at least. If you actually want your caffeine fix then head to a cafe, or you might be in a haze if you enter a coffee shop. There are a ton of coffee shops in Amsterdam where it is legal to sell cannabis. Most commonly known, The Bulldog offers real food and drinks that aren’t too bad, but of course you are probably not there for the food. They offer a lengthy list of whatever your preference is when it comes to feeling good. Again, you’re in Amsterdam…just do it!

The next morning I find myself on a very long line for the Anne Frank House. Word to the wise…get there early and I mean EARLY! Even an hour before opening, there was a line that must have looped three blocks worth. Getting to walk through Anne Frank’s actual home is a pretty sweet deal for just 9 euros.

I make my way to yet another line for some traditional Dutch snacks- stroopwafels! Yes!!! Caramel sugary gooey syrup sandwiched between a thin warm waffle cookie. I take a seat by the I Amsterdam sign and indulge in my stroopwafel while watching the tourists go about their morning before I am approached by yet another tourist. To my surprise this dapper Italian gentlemen named Giancarlo quickly offers to extend my stay in Amsterdam multiple times. I politely decline knowing Giancarlo will definitely be in good company if he makes his way towards my previous nights festivities. In a rush to exit this conversation, I fib just a bit and am glad I can take my stroopwafel to go.


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