Southern Hospitality

South Carolina has come and gone and although my schedule was booked every hour with work related seminars, conferences and events I was able to squeeze in a little bit of me time. But the big question is how did Sue handle the flight??? Well she seemed to be taking it pretty well throughout the day, but as soon as I noticed her nerves kicking in later on I just decided to talk her ear off. I eventually had a headache from taking so much! But hey whatever works right? And of course as the hour got closer to boarding the plane it was time to start popping those anti-anxiety meds! And boy did those help Sue! She was cool as a cucumber. But when I saw how tiny and dingy our plane was I even contemplated taking one myself! I’m not going to lie that “plane” freaked me out a bit, but I knew I had to play it cool at least for my friend’s sake. We checked in at the Belmond Charleston Place which was this swanky old school southern style hotel. This place was huge! An indoor mall, several restaurants, I got lost just in the lobby alone...several times (yea a little embarrassing huh?). When it came to Charleston’s southern hospitality I’d have to say they are the best. Everyone is so happy and polite that the New Yorker in me would sometimes think ‘who are these people??‘ but it was definitely a treat and their food??? Jesus! I went in thinking I would have a diffcult time finding vegetarian friendly food, but it wasn’t so hard. Now it’s definitely not the selection I’m use to, but I can enjoy some peanut boiled hummus with okra. I kid you not! Surprisingly it was pretty good, but be prepared for your cholesterol level to rise with all their other selections. Loads of grits with even more butter and cheese, fried french toast, fried mac and cheese, fried EVERYTHING! By the end of day ONE I was praying to find a Whole Foods, but no luck. Now the best part of Charleston? The weather! We got to escape yet another NYC snowstorm and enjoy some warm sunny days. Back to reality and spring is starting to shine through leaving me eager to pack my suitcase and run off to travel again. With that being said I am super excited to let you guys know soon of my next travels!

Tip: At the Belmond you are good on booking even a basic standard room. I can’t even imagine how luxe their suites are.

For reasonably priced good southern eats anytime of the day definitely try Toast and when ordering the fried french toast…only order ONE slice! Trust me you will NOT finish two slices.

Looking for that boiled peanut hummus? It sounds gross I know but it’s pretty good at Magnolia’s I’d call it upscale souther food with a twist!

Now if you’re in the mood for some adult beverages I would definitely head to Grill 225 in the Market Pavilion HotelĀ They have created the Nitrotini. What’s that you say??? The only cocktail in Charleston that has liquid nitrogen. It even comes with a warning label! They have a ton of choices for whatever tickles your fancy. Enjoy some crazy, sexy,cool flavors.

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