My Contiki

My who??? My most recent European Tour was with Contiki- a travel company that started in 1962 specifically catering to adventure seekers between the ages of 18-35. At first, I was hesitant because why on earth would I want to travel with a bunch of strangers?!?! On the other hand, we all must try new […]


Less than six months ago I spent some time in Paris and the one thing I have to say is I am soooo glad I went back! What a difference it makes visiting during the winter season compared to the most recent experience I had. Clear skies, warm sun, not having to bundle up in […]


When you think of clear crisp air, mountains topped off with snow and endless green pastures what comes to mind? If your guess is Switzerland then you’ve guessed right. I arrive in Luzern with my mind set on hiking up Mount Stanserhorn, but with time not on my side I decide to take the quicker […]

Italy: Venice

When I heard I would be spending a few days in Venice, I immediately reminisced to several years ago when I first traveled to Italy. Of course, at first I remembered the awful freezing cold winter I spent there, but I was elated to now have the warm summer weather this second time around. Since […]


When traveling through Europe, pretty much anywhere you make a pit stop will be beautiful. I was fortunate enough to have made a stop in Innsbruck, Austria. This picturesque cookie cutter city is an international renowned winter sports center and host to the Winter Olympics. With colorful store fronts and the Karwendel Alps as my view, I […]

Germany: Munich

After my small town night in Sankt Goar, I was looking forward to a big city like Munich and seeing what it has to offer. With limited time I quickly hoped on a bicycle from Mike’s Bike Tours. As cheesy and touristy as it may sound, this private bike tour was surprisingly fun! Word to […]

Germany: Sankt Goar

When I heard I would be going to Germany, I have to admit I didn’t know much other than the Germans love their beer. I’m not a beer fan so needless to say I wasn’t jumping for joy, but I was ok with exploring a new place. And of course like all assumptions, I made […]


Prior to arriving in Amsterdam I had preconceived notions of what to expect. Of course, I assumed I would be swarmed with sex, drugs, debauchery and who knows what else. All that is true to some extent but, Amsterdam has so much more to offer. I begin on a gloomy wet day (not a great start) […]

Reading the fine print

We have all had the nuisance of reading those lengthy fine print pages. Most of us usually just skim through them and just sign the damn thing. No I won’t sue if I’m injured and no I won’t sue if I die …umm I’ll be dead! Nothing can be done! But recently I may have […]